The Divine Invitation: Entering the Dance of Becoming Fully Alive.




Are you ready to enter the dance of becoming fully alive?

Have you wondered, if we have the God of heaven and earth living inside us, why we aren’t experiencing more in life? Why aren’t we seeing more transformation in ourselves, or others for that matter? What does it look like to have “Jesus in me” anyway, as an individual and also as a woman? These are the questions author Terri Sullivant was asking herself when God answered her in a profound, life-changing way.

The Divine Invitation provides a pathway to find what your hearts deeply long for in every area of life. It’s a metaphor showing the way for every woman to enter the dance of becoming fully alive. Learning this dance is about developing a relationship with Jesus that’s like two people dancing skillfully and gracefully. It’s about becoming so entwined with the thoughts, words, emotions and behaviors of Jesus that the two of you are as one. This deep connection transcends all of life, enabling you to live joyfully and freely, come what may.

“Terri is a lover of God whose heart burns with a fire that is contagious. Her book is full of truth, insight and beauty all flowing from a wise and passionate woman. You can’t read these pages without being called up higher to live a life of love in intimate relationship with Jesus. So read away.”

–Stasi Eldredge, co-author of Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul; New York Times Bestseller

Bio: Author Terri Sullivant accepted the divine invitation over 40 years ago. She and her husband Michael have been in ministry since the ‘70’s, raised 5 children and are now thrilled to be grandparents. As a pastor, life coach and author she seeks to serve as a lifeline for others who long to live life fully alive. Connect at