DISC Personality Profiles


The DISC Personality System is the universal language of behavior. Research has shown that behavioral characteristics can be grouped together in four major groups: DISC. The acronym DISC stands for the four personality types. Discover yours today!



What Are the Personality Types?

The DISC Personality System is the universal language of behavior. Research has shown that behavioral characteristics can be grouped together in four major groups. People with similar types tend to exhibit specific behavioral characteristics common to that style. All people share these four styles in varying degrees of intensity. The acronym DISC stands for the four personality types represented by the letters :

D = Dominant, Driver

I = Influencing, Inspiring

S = Steady, Stable

C = Correct, Compliant


What is the Type D Personality?

A high D, like a lion or eagle, is seen as a leader, visionary, and go-getter. Highly driven, Ds are very goal-driven, focused on the end result or bottom line. Their strengths in decision-making, delegating and vision make them a dynamic force. And, when under pressure, those turn into negative reactions like impatience, insensitivity and anger.

What is an I Personality Type?

I Personality TypeA high I, like an otter or peacock, is fun-loving, outgoing, charismatic and entertaining. Also visionaries, I styles love to dream. They can get in trouble with “shiny-object syndrome” and not following through. They are excellent team players who just want to have fun. They are in their element around people. When under stress, they can go overboard with their energy and need for attention. It’s good to recognize when to pull back and allow for space without fearing it’s a personal rejection.

What is the S Personality Type?

An S personality style is like a golden retriever or dove – loyal, reliable, a peacemaker. If you think of earth elements, Ss are like water. They flow toward the path of least resistance. This can be beautiful, as Ss strive for ease and comfort – in their relationships and in life. And, it can also be a frustration for a confrontational high D that wants to face every conflict head-on! Ss need time to process and think things through. If they feel rushed or pressured, they can shut down quickly. There is a larger percentage of S personality styles in the world than any other. Click here to see the percentage breakdowns of the 4 personality styles.

What is the Type C Personality?

A Type C Personality is methodical and analytical, and loves details. They are much like a beaver building an elaborate dam or an owl with their amazing vision and hearing. They enjoy homing in on the systems, the tiniest of details, and analyzing facts. For a C, they want to know how things were done in the past. They aren’t as excited about change unless they’ve weighed all the options and have assessed it is an improvement. Oftentimes Cs get boxed into being the “numbers people.” It’s a great thing to have a high C as your bookkeeper or CPA. However, I know of some incredible artists that can tackle the tiniest of details in their paintings, ensure your hair is in the right place for photos, and create very technically brilliant musical pieces.


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Your DISC Assessment Can Open Up the Door To Self-Awareness

In our do-do-do driven society, we can oftentimes risk burnout by trying to be all things to all people. Taking the DISC personality test isn’t a label to slap on and justify you being a jerk; it is your amazing key that opens the door to self-awareness!

That’s where my tagline for my own business comes in – the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us. A brilliant friend of mine put it this way –“don’t compete…complete.” There are so many variations on personality types, and how great that each one brings their own strengths to the mix! Instead of trying to be “jack of all trades, master of none,” home in on your beautiful strengths and allow others to step into theirs. This is where you find true greatness.

In my own marriage and family coaching business, Mama Says Namaste this is the foundation for every coaching package I offer. It is with my father’s coaching as well! My first question, “does this resonate with you?” does not pigeonhole them into their personality assessment. This is an amazing catalyst for introspection, and allows us to deep dive into what they can affirm as their strengths. And yes, I even have a personality test for kids that has lessened the bedtime battles, conflict and overwhelm that many parents face with children at home.

Identifying Fears That Trigger Negative Reactions

On the other side is identifying the fears that trigger those negative reactions…  that can shift our strength to a weakness. This happens to be my favorite part. It’s been amazing how recognizing those triggers has helped businesses – and families – move forward with connection and grace.

For example, and angsty tween who is labeled as “lazy” for not cleaning her room may actually not be lazy at all. Yet her S personality style, which yearns for comfort and security, is all out of whack as she enters into high school and experiences the ups and downs of puberty. As her body and her world react in ways out of her comfort zone, a natural S response is to simply retreat and shut down. When you can identify this, instead of attacking, look for an opportunity to add in some consistency and stability. It may be that once she feels more confidence in her place in the world, that messy room becomes a non-issue because you went deeper than that surface symptom.


How To Use a DISC Analysis When Making Career and Life Choices

It is also very helpful when you’re in a life transition like finding a new career or starting a new business.

So often people come to us at 48 Days in the midst of a transition. They have left their job or are miserable there. They’ve just gone through a divorce, children leaving the nest, etc. During a time of legitimate insecurity, when you are unaware of your own strengths, our natural tendency is simply to try and be what we think is needed. So I’ve seen passive Ss and Is trying to step up like a D and having a panic attack of anxiety. And I’ve seen a high D eager to launch their business and getting so overloaded with the details that they throw in the towel.

Pay attention to what your strengths are. Make sure you are creating the space to thrive in your strengths, not simply muscling through those areas that don’t come naturally to you. This is such a beautiful opportunity to collaborate, going back to that ultimate goal to COMPLETE, not compete.