1. What is life coaching?
Life coaching involves a gifted coach coming alongside an individual as a catalyst for desired personal change/transformation.  It focuses first on clearly identifying CALLING, i.e. discovering/rediscovering and understanding who you are. Secondly, coaching helps a person identify and clarify what they want most.  Finally, it involves helping that person to create and develop strategies for achieving their goals.  Life coaching helps a person see obstacles as opportunities, adjusting self-defeating thought patterns, replacing them with positive beliefs.  Life coaching is focused on forward movement – after dreaming about the life you want, it involves making a plan and working the plan – planning the life you want and tailoring the work you are doing for income to that life.

2. How is life coaching different from counseling?
Counseling looks at where you are and where you’ve been, helps you to process emotions and thoughts and see patterns that are hindering you from moving forward in life.  It focuses more on the past and present, helping a person release negative and damaging thoughts and emotions, helping to realign thoughts from falsehood to truth, and moving a person from unhealthy state of being to a healthy state of being.  Life coaching looks at the present and then focuses on the future, getting traction and momentum going, forward movement.  Both are important parts of the process of transformation.  If counseling is needed before forward movement can begin, it may be recommended at the conclusion of the free consultation.

3. What type of life coaching does Fully Alive Life Coaching offer?
Life coaching is a developing profession, so there are many different types and names to describe the type of life coaching offered. Fully Alive Life Coaching would be identified as “Personal Development” coaching, sometime also called “Transformational” coaching.  In addition, the description “Transitional” coaching would apply, helping people navigate transitions in life and/or career. In all cases, the focus on “Calling” is the centerpiece of the Fully Alive Life Coaching practice.

4. How much does life coaching cost?
Cost is determined by the package selected by the client after the free consultation. Paying for services tailored to each individual is a better solution than charging hourly rates and is focused on results achieved, not just time spent. All materials are included in the total cost of the package, optional extras may be purchased.

5. What results can I expect to get out of the 8 classes/sessions offered?
A clearer understanding of your personal calling, clear identification of the life you really want most, and a clear map for how to get there.  Life coaching provides a powerful boost of personal motivation, someone to compassionately walk beside you on your journey and someone to provide accountability to stay the course. When a sports coach helps motivate, discipline, activate, and train his or her players for successful performance and perseverance to the finale of the game, you can visibly see the results on the playing field.  A life coach helps people successfully navigate the race of life, to live it well and plan to finish it well. You can also expect to be equipped with new tools to evaluate your progress and to excel in all areas of life  – tools you can use as often as and as long as you desire.

6. How do I get started?
Go to the home page on this website, click on “Contact“.  Fill out the short information form, submit it, then fill out the “New Client Questionnaire” and submit it.  You will be contacted by Terri Sullivant promptly.