The Divine Invitation Course:
10 Steps to Enter the Dance of Becoming Fully Alive

Do you long for lasting fulfillment in your relationship with Jesus and other people, without getting stuck in reaction to circumstances, people or religion?

Want to Be Like Jesus more and more?


Follow these 10 Steps in the Divine Invitation Course

and Mastermind to find what you’re searching for.  

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Week 1 Introduction
Week 2 The Encounter
Week 3 The Backstory
Week 4 The Better Way
Week 5 Invitation to the Dance
Week 6 Virtues: Fruit of the Spirit
Week 7 Virtues: Relationships
Week 8 Virtues: Nobility
Week 9 Virtues:Strong Character
Week 10 Finale: Fully Alive!
Week 11 Where Are You Now?
Week 12 Epilogue: A Promise

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