Dave Campbell
Terri is Amazing! She was able to help me strategize and move my life in the way I really wanted to go. Without her help, I’m not sure I’d be where I am today!

Debbie Swenson
I feel like I have had a patient and compassionate friend come alongside me on my journey.  With practical wisdom and truthful encouragement, Terri has helped me to become more aware than ever of my own God-given uniqueness and potential.

Mary Tyler
Terri has a wealth of experience that has come out of her incredible capacity to gain insight & wisdom from every joy & challenge in life.  As I have shared with Terri some of my own life’s joys and challenges, I have been deeply impacted and inspired by her compassionate & empathetic listening, her intuitive insights, and her empowering encouragement.

Gary & Leigh Barkalow
Terri is a radiant person who has unusual insight into the lives and journeys of the people who sit with her and share their stories. She has offered me some of the most incisive, simple and helpful pieces of knowledge and advice I have ever received.

Anne Kettler
I love the way Terri expresses her ideas in pictures or words that stick with you.  She gives concepts that grow in you over time and make you think, and they are often both broadly yet very specifically applicable.

John & Jeanah Gilman
Our confidant, Terri Sullivant, is one of the most inspiring women we know. She not only is a great success as a wife, mother and friend but has overcome extreme personal challenges. This coach has won her game. When she talks, we listen!

Jim Bailey
Terri is full of energy and life.  Her perspectives are fresh and helpful. I find time with Terri refreshing and always encouraging!

Anna Rodgers
Terri is a wise woman with insight and a keen understanding of people.  In my experience the input she offers reflects the unique individuality of each of us.  It is personally appropriate, practical, and it is definitely life-changing.

Lianne Sackett
Terri is a very nurturing and encouraging person who has the remarkable gift of listening well.  People just feel comfortable around her because of her gentle spirit and her reputation of trust and discretion.  Her wisdom and discernment have helped to challenge people as well as inspire them to discover how to overcome obstacles and live life more fully.

Ron & Candie Nichols
Terri’s drive to help others succeed, her keen interest in others, and her tenacity coupled with compassion equip her as a uniquely gifted coach in today’s demanding markets.