Coaching Options

Fully Alive Coaching provides free consultations, flexible sessions for individuals and small groups  tailored to the desires and needs of clients.  These sessions can be done in person locally in the Kansas City area or by phone, Zoom or Skype. 

FREE: 1/2 hour consultation (fill out the Info Form under the Contact drop down menu) – entails a complimentary meeting in person or by phone to hear your story, dream a bit and sketch out a game plan if you want move forward. When you have scheduled your consultation, please fill out the Questionnaire before the call, also in the Contact drop down menu.
#1                     TRUE COLORS: 
Personality Profile Test & explanation session – 60-90 minutes _________________________________________________________

#2                                  THRIVE : 

Free consultation + 8 individual coaching sessions, bi-monthly

+E-mail & cell phone access between sessions & Personality Profile Test


#3                             FULLY ALIVE : 

Free consultation + 12 individual coaching sessions, weekly

+Email & Cell phone access between sessions & Personality Profile Test