Are you ready for 2020?

Dear friends, The new year is just around the corner. Are you ready for 2020? When you’re honest, do you feel your life was meant for more? You are in the driver’s seat of your own life. Do you have your GPS set for a better destination in the coming year? As a coach I […]

Merry Christmas from my house to yours!

Dear friends, I just wanted to be sure to wish you a Merry Christmas this year! Whatever the pace of your holiday season this year, I pray for GRACE. Whatever season of life you find yourself in, I pray you’ll fully ENJOY IT. Whatever 2020 holds for you, I pray you DISCOVER it and DO […]

Do you feel your life was meant for more?

Dear friends, As the end of 2019, beginning of 2020 draws near, how do you feel about your life? What kind of a year has 2019 been for you? For some it’s been great, others really tough. What about 2020? How do you plan to take a step up in your maturity, in living out […]

Arise shine, for your light has come!

Dear friends,  This verse is calling to you – can you hear it?  Wherever season you are in, whatever your level of maturity, you don’t have to be perfect to allow the light within you to shine. Jesus said he didn’t want us to hide our light under a bushel, he wanted us to let […]

Fully Alive Coaching Black Friday Specials

When you are honest with yourself, do you feel your life was meant for more? Have you spent the time you really need to get clarity on your life calling? Have you been hit with adversity, feeling confused and discouraged, wondering where God is in all of this? I’d love to walk with you on […]

Give Thanks and Eat Pie!

Dear friends,  Wherever you are this Thanksgiving, whoever you are with, I pray that you will take this opportunity to give thanks for your blessings, and to eat pie!  My mother in law had the most incredible recipe for pumpkin pie that became my go-to for Thanksgivings in our family ever after. She imparted and […]

Is it time to begin?

Dear friends, Sometimes you sense the winds of change are blowing. You’re outgrowing something, or bored with something, or a season has changed but you don’t know what’s next. You just know it’s coming. The truth is that we can always count on the fact that things will change! We may not have chosen these […]

Do you want the Prince, or just the Principles?

Dear friends, The words in the headline above came out of my mouth at our home group last night. Everyone encouraged me to write about it so I am! We were reading the book of Acts chapter 28. It was so very evident that the religious people of the day were just not able to […]


See the delight on this little guy’s face? How often do you experience this? There are many factors that can suck the joy right out of our lives. I can relate! Having a coach at the worst time in my life turned things around for me. So I became a coach – to help people […]

Knowledge expands, Wisdom simplifies

Dear friends, I’ve been thinking a lot about wisdom lately. Knowledge has increased exponentially in our world and will continue to do so in the days ahead. Is all this knowledge really making us wiser? One day as I was doing some prayer journaling, this phrase came to me: “Knowledge expands, wisdom simplifies.” Think about […]