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  Have you noticed that most people, when you ask them what they are doing currently, will say “Well, I’m in transition…” Love that word. It brings up all sorts of questions and remembrances of your own experiences. It’s always about being “in between”, having left one shore and being in transit between there and […]


Yesterday I was thinking about Ben Franklin for some reason, probably because I had just seen a bolt of lightening in the midst of the rain. What on earth was he thinking when he decided to tie a key on a string from a kite? He was thinking about how much power there was in […]

Distilling the Essence

Here are a couple of definitions from the dictionary that have been rolling around my head for some time. The first is “distill”, which means: 1) “to subject to a process of vaporization and subsequent condensation, as for purification or concentration”, 2) “to extract the volatile components of by distillation; transform by distillation”. The second […]

Grieving Well

The 10 years between 2004 and 2014 were a time of adversity that eclipsed all the difficulties of the former years of my life. To survive it all I had to learn how to grieve well. As long as we live we will experience many sorrows (as well as joys!) and therefore we must learn […]

The Hope of Your Calling

The world we currently live in is full of surprises, isn’t it? It seems that change is happening more rapidly than most people are equipped to handle. Whether positive or negative, all change creates disruption in our lives. It’s easy to feel like we’ve lost our balance and perspective. Questions like these often come up […]