Even though…Yet I will!

Dear friends, I’ve been thinking today about you all today as we face this nationwide, worldwide crisis with the coronavirus. This verse of Scripture has been coming to me, one where people from another era would have been experiencing some unusually difficult circumstances. Even though the fig trees have no blossoms, and there are no […]

Love Your Enemies

Dear friends, The passage of Scripture below is a challenging one. It’s something that doesn’t come naturally to us, something only God can help us do. 27 “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.  Luke […]

Million $ Lessons from $10 Mistakes

Dear friends, My husband Michael and I had the privilege of raising 5 wonderful children, now all grown, married and all but the youngest of them raising their own children. We feel so proud and blessed by them and our 12 grandchildren. There is a particular prayer we prayed from the time they were little. […]

Million $ Lessons from $10 Mistakes

I am sending this out as a teaser for my blog which will publish on Sunday 3/1/2020. Stay tuned to read about it! If you’d like a sneak peak, you can sign up for my blog here: https://fullyalive5.com/category/blog/

Fruitfulness in Every Area

I’m doing a Bible study with a few friends on Beth Moore’s new book, Chasing Vines. We started today and were asked in the study guide what we wanted to gain from this, I said, “Multiplied fruitfulness in every area of life.” I believe the passage in John promises this if we learn to abide […]

Relationships: The Real Currency of Life

Dear Friends, This month I’m pondering the importance of relationships. I truly do believe that they are the real currency of life, more than money, power, fame or anything else. The photo above is my and my husband Michael on our first trip to Seattle in front of the original Starbucks. I’m with my favorite […]

Awaken to 2020

Dear Friends, Last week I had a privilege of speaking to a group of women in the Dallas Fort Worth area in a Zoom call. They are called The Plaid Women’s Network (www.plaidforwomen.com) and their incoming leader, Michele Gooch was the one that invited me and interviewed me. If you’d like to check it out […]

Settle out of court

Dear friends, As the new year begins, everyone is ‘cleaning house’ in a variety of ways. Some are organizing their household and purging clutter. Some are chucking all the junk food, eating leaner and healthier. Others are taking stock of their lives and making changes to up their game. One that I’ve been thinking of […]

A true act of goodwill always sparks another.

Dear friends, On this, the first day of the new year 2020, my thoughts are focusing on the impact of our acts of goodwill. Before Christmas we spent a weekend with our youngest son Steve and his wife Rachel in Fayetteville, AR. One night we watched an animated Christmas movie called Klaus. The story was […]